Meet the Malone Family of Big Twigs!heathercumens

Meet the Malone Family of Big Twigs!

The Big Twigs family, of larger-than-life characters, are the newest residents in Muhlenberg County.  The family includes Happy, Bobber, and Oakley.  Explore the magical story of the 14-foot sculptures on a short hike around beautiful Lake Malone State Park.  You will find the Twigs hiking, camping, and fishing.  The Park also includes picnic shelters, a playground, beach during the summer season and tons of green space perfect for flying a kite.  The Park and Big Twigs are free to visit and open from dawn to dusk.

Bobber Malone

He loves to fish here at Lake Malone.  He catches bluegill, catfish, bass, and more.  He enjoys watching the boats pass and listening to the frogs croak.

Oakley Malone

Like many of the oak trees that fill the park, Oakley stands tall and strong.  He loves going on hikes to hear the birds, see the animals and keep himself healthy!

Happy Malone

He is one “Happy” camper!  Happy sleeps under the stars, watches the wildlife and most of all he enjoys roasting marshmallows around the fire!

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Big Twigs at Lake Malone

Tips for a great visit:

  • Leave nothing but footprints in the park
  • Let you imagination run wild
  • Soak in the fresh air and scenic views
  • Look and touch the Big Twigs, but don’t climb
  • Take lots of photos
  • Hashtag us on social media #Bigtwigs #LakeMalone
  • Come back and visit often
Lake Malone and the Big Twigs